Maha Afra earned her Masters Degree in Dance after a lifetime of passionate dedication to this art form. She choreographed for students and dance collectives, leading her to finally embark on the creation of Maha and Company in 2006. Her training and experience encompasses endless styles of dance including African, Middle Eastern, Ballet, Latin, Bollywood, Modern and Jazz. Her company reflects this eclectic knowledge in its dancers, techniques, and pieces, using the stage, and many different platforms for performance, to entertain, inform, and move audiences.

Maha is an advocate for dance, and the arts, believing that they are vital educational tools for groups of people from all backgrounds, emphasizing the beauty of individual cultures and cultural diversity. She believes dance is the embodiment of freedom and expression that is meant to be experienced by all. She recognizes world dance as technique, meaning that it is just as crucial as classical styles such as Ballet or Jazz. Maha and Company has stood as a non-profit organization since 2010, reaching out to at-risk youth by introducing dance as a creative outlet and illuminating the futures of young people. The next step for Maha and Company is to create dance for the camera in order to propagate the Company’s growing artistic mission, expanding its forms of presentation and media. The vision of Maha and Company is vibrant as it reaches diverse audiences and continues to evolve with dance as its soul and a future that is bright.